SFH3’s Bay2Blackout 2018

May 18


$60 for the Day:

Tickets include access to 1 day of trail, pub crawl, beer, food, music, and shenanigans.

No giveaway for single day tickets.

You must register on this page and use one of the three following payment methods:

Paypal - Follow the prompts to pay now.

Cash - Cash is accepted only at Monday SFH3 hashes*

Check - Payable to SFH3 and mailed to "Amanda Paulson 1407 14th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94122*

Checks must be received before the day of the event. If we have not received

your check you will have to pay full price at the door.

*e-mail gms@sfh3.com if not paying via paypal so we can look for your check or receive your cash payment and verify your price.


Once again: You must click the "Pay Now" button on the next page and complete the paypal transaction in order to purchase your tickets via paypal.  If you don't appear on the Who's Cumming (Friday) list, then you haven't signed up yet.

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Email Phone
Address Food

Questions, Comments?  Email gms@sfh3.com

Stupidity disclaimer:

By attending this event, I understand that I will not hold the SFH3 or any other hash organization or its members responsible for my inability to drink to excess and remain standing, or erect, for that matter. If I fall and bonk my head, or if I get sick on myself or my stylish couture, I will neither sue nor whine about it. Furthermore, I understand that any foolish behavior, or any behavior at all, is in the public domain and fair game for down downs at the next regularly scheduled hash. I still reserve the right to "screw" any willing partner, however. Like any other Hash event, if I get hurt, it's my own damn fault.