Hand Pump Workday

Hare: Hand Pump

When: December 09 2017, 10:00 AM

Start: Harvard & Bacon Streets


This Saturday 12-9-2017 is the last Volunteer Workday of the year. For
some of you this means two hours of working with fellow hashers and
even non-hashers to plant native species around the pond at Yosemite
Marsh in John McLaren Park.  For a few of you (Saint TBB and DHW),
this is you final chance to do officially sanctioned war on the hated
Himalayan Blackberry.  I shouldn't say this out loud, but it is only
an infraction offence if you two want to continue this campaign on
your own time.  You could even apply for a certification from Rec and
Park which will allow you to do battle all over the city with this
evil, blood thirsty weed.  The details of the Workday are as follows:

When: Saturday 12-9-2017  10:00AM until Noon
Where:  Meet at the corner of Harvard and Bacon Streets
              There is usually plenty of street parking.  The
alternate meeting site is
              the parking lot for the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater on Shelley Dr.
What:  Planting, weeding and general cleanup of the area around the pond
           at Yosemite Marsh.  This great Natural Area will be the
site of the first Creek
           Daylighting project in SF.
Wear:  Long Pants and Sleeves (especially if you want to work on
Blackberry), sturdy
            shoes (maybe bring an extra pair, some of the ground is a
bit soggy).  Dress
            in layers (weather starts out cool, but should be nice as
the day goes along.)
Note:  As always SF Rec and Park will provide tools and gloves, snacks
and water.
Special Note:  As always SFH3 and Hand Pump will provide BEER.

RSVP by e-mail or phone to Hand Pump (wcm3of11@gmail.com 415-713-0423)
We would like your RSVP in order to insure that we have enough tools, gloves and BEER,
but if you are inspired Saturday morning SHOW UP.