Barrrbary Coast H3: The Bridge is Scary and Oakland is Far Alt-BARH3 Hash

Barrrbary Coast H3 run #696969.69

Hare: Skurvy-Skank Redemption & Mouth Below Deck

When: May 16 2018, 06:30 PM

Start: The Sea Star, 2289 3rd St, San Francisco, California 94107


aka Day 8 for over-achieving "13 days of hashing" wankers
aka "The Bridge is Scary and Oakland is Far Alt-BARH3 Hash"
tl;dr - alternative day 7 (Wednesday) of B2B hashing, short & shitty trail with bar stops, no bridge trolls.

Ahoy, me hearties! Yer captain Skurvy-Skank Redemption be teaming up with me first mate Mouth Below Deck for the anal B2B Barrrbary Coast H3 hash (we put the ARRR in BAR!)

The bilge-sucking racists of the Bay Area Rabble H3 kennel be goin rogue and layin trail starting at 19th Street Oakland BART. These scallywags already hijacked the first day o' hashing by layin trail on May 9th. Well, the Barrrbary Coast H3 ship is docked this side o' the bay and we ain't be movin it! Ye can be expectin much carousing, some flogging, a BBQN, and the grog to be free-flowin. Yer captain will also be assigning piratey hashnames for all the mates attending.