America Fuck... Yeah

Fog City

Hare: Mouth Down South/Pakisak

When: July 07 2018, 01:00 PM

Cost: $5

Start: End of the Panhandle (across from the DMV)

On On On: Blind Cat

Prelube: Barrel Head Brewhouse


Come celebrate America's birth (or mourn it's impending doom, I'm not trying to tell you how to feel) with the folks at Fog City H3. There will be beer, flags, beer, r*unning, beer, freedom, beer, songs, and beer. Details below

Pub Crawl/Walkers Trail: At least 4 bar stops with short walks in between
Turkey Trail: At least 2 bar stops (meeting up with the pub crawlers)
Eagle Trail: Some absurd amount of distance and at least 1 bar stop.

Bring your ID, cash for drinks at bars, and 5 bucks hash which will go toward PBR and/or other American beer.

11:00 AM - Prelube Brunch (location TBD)
1:00 PM - Opening Circle, Hares Away
1:20(ish) - Pack Away
5:00-6:00 (ish) - Closing Circle, down downs
Whenever we finish circle-? On On On

As is the American tradition, this trail will be poorly organized and mostly put together at the last minute.

Note: trail is A->B, bag van is not guaranteed (let me know if you can help with this)