Hand Pump Workday

Hare: Hand Pump

When: August 11 2018, 10:00 AM

Start: Bacon & Harvard Streets, San Francisco


Attendance is mandatory. -Do Her Well

See below for more information from Hand Pump:

Hashers and Harriettes,
This is your chance to join in the effort that has spanned over 6 years and hundreds of hours of volunteer work in San Francisco Parks.  We return to John McLaren Park, site of the first workday on National Trail Day in June 2012.  The work this month will be at Yosemite Marsh.  Meet at the corner of Bacon and Harvard Streets.  We will be doing more weeding in the area and you can probably have your choice of invasive species to eradicate.  There are some Cattails growing on the pond edges that should be removed.  If you are interested in this task, bring rubber boots or at least a second pair of shoes and socks.  There is also the choice of weeding the area where we planted natives back in January.  As always there are reshooting Himalayan Blackberry to do battle with.  The work begins at 10:00 AM and finishes at Noon.  SF Park and Rec will provide tools and gloves, water and snacks.  SFH3 will provide BEER.  Wear long sleeves and pants, especially if you want to work Blackberry, but dress in layers (looking for a high of 70 degrees that day).
If none of the many reasons stated over the years appeal to you, consider the workday as the perfect FREE pre-lube to the Fog City Hash which starts at 1:30 PM the same afternoon.  Google says that it is 1.7 miles to the Jazz Room and start.  I can drive a few people, but 1.7 miles sounds like the perfect warm-up distance for a 5.5 mile hash.

RSVP if you are cuming to the workday-- contact information for Hand Pump is on the mismanagement page.