SFH3's Bay2Blackout 2018

May 18th-20th


Hash Camp Begins! 


Friday: Boot Camp and Kinky Bar Crawl

Listen up, you army of half-minds! Today, we’re going to drink beer. And then we’re going to hump through hilly terrain for miles. And then we’re going to drink more beer. So bring out your doggy-style tags, flash your patriotism, camouflage that bazooka in your pants, and if you don’t float the keg before the night is out, I’m gonna put my foot so far up your ass that...well, shit, you’ll probably like it. Let’s move it. What, is that too hard? You'll get no sympathy from me. You want sympathy, look in the dictionary between shit and syphillis. That's where you'll find my sympathy.

(Finally, a reason to wear our camo booty shorts and cambat boots!)

Saturday: Camp No Counselors

Summer is cumming and the forecast is hot and wet! Pitch a tent with us at Campsyte SF to practice your knot-tying and water sports, or join us by the campfire to deflower some boy scouts. This will be in a sheltered outdoor area with heaters, so Be Prepared!

(Summer Camp Theme: Cum dressed as a slutty boyscout, a sluttly bear, a slutty tree or like anything found at your childhood summer camp.)


Sunday: Band Camp

Tune your tromboners and G-strings for a walk of treble! We’ll be banging loudly for hours down San Francisco’s most outrageous neighborhoods during our Bay to Blackout trail, where you’ll likely stick some instruments where they absolutely belong. Remember to warm up your lips and tongue, keep your wood wet, and practice safe sax, ESPECIALLY when fingering A minor. 

(Find that old band uniform and parade through the historic Bay to Breakers route to an Irish bar haven.)